Over The TopP Catering

Making Moments Rememberable For Any Occasion!

Over The TopP Catering

Making Moments Rememberable For Any Occasion!



What kind of event are your planning for?


Family Reunion


Hot or Cold Lunch

Office Gathering


Outdoor Excursions

Family Dinners

Menu Planning

Party Platters

Tent,Table and chair rentals

But not limited too!

At Over The TopP Catering we see thing differently!

We'll help plan for any event that you can think of; on time, on budget and no mess because we want you to be our guest.

Why? Because we've done it and we'll do it again! With our experience, we are able to put together some of the greatest tasting food and eye-catching platters that you have ever seen. Having a low overhead, being a home base business, allows for keeping costs low and to source out the best ingredients around for our events.

We strive in using only the freshest ingredients around, as part of our way of life we use ingredients from our local businesses to help keep us self-sustainable during seasonal change, and using only what is needed and giving back to the community.

As a part of our way of life and to understand food; for the last 15+ years, we have grown our own vegetables and can use them as well when the time is right, also doing so right here in the city and loving it.

So our love for food and planning for events is what we do and we’ll continue doing so to make people happy.